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Table 1 Input parameters for the WinSRFR simulation model

From: Performance evaluation of furrow irrigation water management practice under Wonji Shoa Sugar Estate condition, in Central Ethiopia

  Input depending on furrow lengths
Furrow geometry
Furrow length (m) 32 48 64
Furrow spacing (m) 1.45
Average Furrow bottom width (m) 0.31 0.32 0.32
Irrigation system Surface (furrow irrigation)
Down steam condition Close-ended
Furrow slope (m/m) 0.05
Manning n values based on the crop growth nature 0.15
Types of simulation model Zero inertia
Flow parameters (in the existing situation)
Furrow inflow rate (l/s) 4.7
Cutoff time depending on the furrow length (min) 9 15 25
Infiltration function Kostiakov formula
Changed decision variables
Furrow inflow rate (l/s) 3.5
Cutoff time (min) 11 18 31