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Table 3 Exergy destruction for SWS1 equipment

From: Exergy analysis and performance study for sour water stripper units, amine regenerator units and a Sulphur recovery unit of a refining plant

Equipment Exergy in Exergy out Exergy destruction
E1 E107+E122 E108+E123 E107+E122-E108-E123
Pump E107+E122 E121+Q_P E107+E122-E121-Q_P
Stripper E108+Q_Reboiler E111+E121+Q_Cooler E108+Q_Reboiler-E111-E121-Q_Cooler
Air cooler E123 E124 E123-E124
E2 ECW-in+E125 ECW-out+E126 ECW-in+E125-ECW-out-E126