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Table 3 Photobioreactor panel energy indicators

From: Bio-algae: a study of an interactive facade for commercial buildings in populated cities

Photobioreactor panel energy indicators Value
Biomethane production 612 m3 methane/year
Net energy as methane Approx. 4,541 kWh/year.
Net energy from heat Approx. 6,000 kWh/year
Carbon dioxide emission reduction 6 tons/year
Basic data per m2 bioreactor area biomass production 900 kg/year
Energy production from biomass 345 kj/m2/day
Biogas production from biomass 10.20 L methane/m2/day
Net annual energy supply Approx. 4500 kW/h of electricity
  1. Note: Indicators for a 200-m2 bioreactor area with 300 days of production/year
  2. These values are considered minimum because of the more hours of sunshine in Giza than in Hamburg