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Table 1 World examples of PBR facade projects

From: Bio-algae: a study of an interactive facade for commercial buildings in populated cities

Project Description
Algae Tower View full size image An office tower in Melbourne, Australia, whose facade elements can be adjusted to the optimal sun angle to maximize the production of biomass and shading. Fig. 3 [21].
Algae-covered Towers Four glass towers in Hangzhou, China, which can produce oxygen and absorb CO2. Organic facades in algae. This will be the first residential building in the world built using this process. Fig. 4 [22].
Algae Urban Farm An innovative ecological project in Iran, based on natural ecosystem processes and the traditional Iranian architecture as well as planned for the microclimate. Fig. 5 [23].
HOK / Vanderweil GSA office building in Los Angeles is retrofit of a government building taking the concept of incorporating nature into design. Fig. 6 [24].