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Table 1 The initial list of indicators of economic sustainability in cities. Source: Author, based on [12, 14, 15]

From: Urban form and economic sustainability in housing projects

Environmental elements Economic elements
▪ Protection from pollution and soil protection ▪ Steady economic growth rates
▪ Protecting ecosystem networks ▪ Increasing local production
▪ Reducing resource depletion ▪ Providing job opportunities
▪ Rationalizing energy consumption ▪ Satisfying investment rates
▪ Reducing heat island phenomenon ▪ Reducing unemployment rate
▪ Working to increase vegetation cover  
▪ Managing rainwater, water reuse, and avoiding flooding  
▪ Efficiently using and managing waste  
Urban elements Social elements
▪ Green infrastructure availability ▪ Preserving the legacy and identity
▪ Applying the green architecture principles to the buildings ▪ Preserving the culture
▪ Suitability of density for the type of use and nature of space ▪ Improving the quality of life and standard of living
▪ Mixed-use availability ▪ Achieving equality and social justice for individuals
▪ Ease of accessibility between the locations ▪ Diversity in housing prices
▪ Availability of services and public facilities ▪ Maintaining public health
▪ Using local building-materials and recycling building materials ▪ Social interaction and cohesion
▪ Availability of public transportation ▪ Providing security and safety
▪ Providing open spaces
▪ Accessing the services