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Table 12 Correlation matrix between the chosen ten S.E.A.M’s variables and the 38 variables of PPS-S.E.A.M’s attributes

From: Towards forming a socio-ecological action model for urban open spaces’ design in New Cairo, Egypt

Ecological and natural variables Garden\parks Urban agriculture Vertical landscape Playgrounds\playfields Incidental spaces Street landscape Allotments Roof-scape\green Roof Green belt Natural habitat Recycled materials Space maintenance Waste management Underground\rain water Sea, river, lake, waterfalls Man-maid water sources Eco-mobility Pedestrian networks
Accessibility      x       x       x
Walkability    x   x x    x   x x   x x  
Sense of Beauty                  
Safety and security                 
Comfort level x x x        x x   x
Crime prevention    x            x  
Garden\parks   x   x x   x x    x x x x x x  
Space maintenance              x      
Waste management            x x   x     
Pedestrian networks      x       x x   x x x