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Table 10 Correlation matrix between the chosen ten S.E.A.M’s variables and the 38 variables of PPS-S.E.A.M’s attributes

From: Towards forming a socio-ecological action model for urban open spaces’ design in New Cairo, Egypt

Urban physical elements Landmarks and attraction points Boundaries (enclosure and openness) Historical elements Plantation and vegetation Space\street furniture Mixed uses\services Navigation, way finding, and recognition. Accessibility Walkability Proximity Continuity Connectivity and Movement
Accessibility x x   x    x   x    x
Walkability x x   x    x x   x   x
Sense of beauty            
Safety and security           
Comfort Level    x x   x   x
Crime prevention         
Garden\parks x x      x x   x
Space maintenance      x    x x    x
Waste management     x     x x    x
Pedestrian networks x x   x x x x x x x x